Monday, May 14, 2018

Supervillain #1: The Arctic Queen

We're probably a little over a month away from the launch of the Infamous Kickstarter.  I also have a bit more time in my schedule to write/blog about Infamous, since the academic year is closing and I'll be submitting grades this week.  Of course, summer research begins at the end of the month, but I'm going to ignore that for now...

Let's start meeting the central characters of Infamous:  the Supervillains!  Each player will choose one of five different supervillains to play.  The supervillains are differentiated by their flavor and artwork, their secret base location, their Strength, and their Weakness.

The Arctic Queen was one of the first supervillains I came up with, and my daughter Inara helped me flesh out the idea.  The Arctic Queen's secret base location is in Glacier Bay, Alaska - which means that contracts in North America and Asia are closest.

Thematically, she's got the whole sorceress-who-wants-to-freeze-the-planet thing going on.  Inspired by The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, as well as the The Snow Queen (Danish folklore).  She's introspective and isolationist.  Rob's artwork is just brilliant, I think; he's made the Arctic Queen sensuous and otherwordly and intimidating, all at once.

The Arctic Queen's lackeys (to be shown at a later date) are supernaturally intelligent, sibling saber-tooth tigers:  Sabra & Sable.  If you choose to play with the Arctic Queen's strength ("Exceptional Smilodons") Sabra and Sable become more powerful than any other lackey in the game.  The Arctic Queen's weakness is "Suspicion & Discord," which punishes you if your contract teams are composed of different henchmen types. 

Who's the Queen best suited for?  Your daughter, of course!  Or anyone who's jonesing for some serious climate change.

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