Sunday, April 21, 2013

First Principles

I'm starting a new blog - something a bit more focused that my previous attempts, but still nothing too serious.  As I get deeper into game design as a "semi-professional" hobby, I'd like to maintain a space where I can think out-loud about games I'm playing, various game design concepts, gameplay mechanics - basically brainstorm - as well as feature some of the boardgame and cardgame designs I'm currently working on.

Here are some principles for the blog (always good to have principles!):

  • A focus on design, mechanics, and play.  I don't want to write reviews or session reports.  Which isn't to say I won't be sharing my opinions on various games that I'm playing (either on my PC, iPad, or tabletop).  But I mostly want to focus discussions on what makes a good game work.
  • I don't promise regular content.  I'm not writing this for a huge potential audience or to get hits.  I'm writing this for myself and also for those individuals who might be interested in hearing about some of the ideas and iterations, processes and procedures that lie behind my own game designs.
  • Play broadly, think broadly.  I love games and have ever since my Mama taught me how to play Spill & Spell and Boggle.  Even though I'm a boardgame designer, great ideas can come from any genre of gaming (or entertainment, for that matter).  So, for example, I'll be talking about computer games a fair bit here, even though I have no aspirations to design in that market.
  • Write well and show pretty pictures.

Hope you visit periodically and enjoy the read.

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